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What is it like to work in the national services team at Age UK?

Telephone Friendship

Alasdair Stewart heads up Age UK’s national services team, looking after its three large telephone services: the Age UK Advice Line, The Silver Line Helpline and the Telephone Friendship Service.

In this exclusive interview with Third Sector, we delved into how Age UK’s national telephone services have been impacted by the pandemic, what it’s like to work in the team and the rewarding career opportunities you can apply for right now if you want to make a difference to the lives of older people.

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Age UK Finchley shop

The Covid-19 impact on the retail team at Age UK

The retail division at Age UK contributes a vital level of income that in turn supports the Age UK network to deliver help, advice, support and services to those that need it the most.
In an exclusive interview with Third Sector, Nick Smith, head of retail at Age UK, describes how his team has been affected by the pandemic, the challenges that lie ahead, and the existing career opportunities on offer.
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