Welcome to Age UK

Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. We believe in a world where everyone can love later life and we work every day to achieve this.

We help more than 7 million people every year, providing companionship, advice and support for older people who need it most.

Why we’re here

  • 2.9 million older people (65+) in Great Britain feel they have no one to turn to for help and support
  • 3.9 million older people in the UK agree the television is their main form of company
  • Nearly 1.2 million aged 65+ in England have unmet care needs
  • Over one third of people aged 60+ are worried about the cost of living
  • In low and middle income countries only 1 in 4 older people receive a pension
  • To alleviate loneliness for older people in every way we can

Our vision

Age UK's vision is to make the UK a great place to grow older. We want everyone in later life to:

  • Have enough money
  • Enjoy life and feel well
  • Receive high-quality health and care
  • Be comfortable, safe and secure at home
  • Feel valued and able to participate

Core Values

We are focused

We are focused on what has the most impact on older people’s lives who are at the heart of everything we do, no matter what our roles are.

We act together

We act together, as one team, working together to get things done and achieving more together.

We are bold

We are bold, unafraid to stand up and do what’s right, offering fresh ideas and solutions. We all play a part in creating a culture where being bold is possible.

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