Republic is looking for directors (trustees) with campaigns experience

London (Greater)
01 Aug 2017
01 Sep 2017
Trustees & Chair
Human Rights

Be part of a movement for democratic change

We need new directors to join our board

Campaign group Republic is looking for committed and enthusiastic new directors, to join our board. 

We need to fill a number of vacancies on our board of directors.  We’re looking for a diverse range of people who have professional or proven campaigns experience.

Republic is committed to equality and diversity and is particularly keen to hear from women, BAME, disabled and LGBT candidates.  However, all applicants will be welcomed and recruitment will be based on merit, skills and a commitment to the role.

Republic’s current board is a dedicated team who bring a wealth of different experiences and perspective to the challenges the campaign has set itself.  You can be a part of that team!


What does Republic do?

Republic is a non-profit campaign group, our mission is to achieve the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a democratic constitution.

We campaign through the media, social media, events and supporter engagement.  We’ve got a well developed approach to the campaign and the arguments we use.  The board is currently reviewing our five year strategy and looking at ways to increase membership and income, so we can expand our activities and continue to raise the campaign’s profile.

Republic has an office in London and two full-time staff (likely to be 2.6 or 3 in the new year.)

You can find out more about Republic at and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


What does the role of director involve?

Republic’s board is made up of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds.  Together they set the overall strategy, monitor progress by reviewing reports from the CEO and others and ensure the organisation is financially sound.  That doesn’t mean you need to know everything about strategy, the issues we campaign on or financial management.  We need a diverse range of insights and skills, and we’ll provide briefings and training to all directors, to get you up to speed and to support you in the role.

As a director, you’ll attend four board meetings a year, plus one or two training days.  These are all held on Saturdays in central London.  You will also be asked to attend Republic’s major events and support the campaign as a volunteer where possible.  Some support with travel expenses is available.


Who is on the board at the moment?

Republic’s board includes business people, students, a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer and a campaigner.  Our directors are of all ages from early twenties to early seventies and from a range of backgrounds.  We usually have around 14 directors, although the maximum is 18.


What kind of new director is Republic looking for?

At the moment we need to recruit a number of new directors who have professional or proven campaigns experience.

Have you worked for a campaign group or charity?  Have you been heavily involved voluntarily in running a successful campaign? 

We’d like to co-opt some new directors who have a good understanding of the principles and practice of campaigning.  Whether that’s strategy, media, fundraising, storytelling or any of the skills and techniques used by campaigns.


How does the recruitment and selection work?

If you want to apply to be appointed to the board, simply complete the form below.

Current directors will draw up a shortlist of applicants, who will be invited to attend a recruitment day on Saturday, September 16.

During that afternoon you’ll hear about Republic and the work it does, and have a chance to meet directors and the CEO. 

You’ll also have a chance to talk one-to-one with directors.

At the end of the day the current directors will sit down and decide which applicants to invite to join the board.

If successful you’ll be asked to attend the next board meeting, on Saturday October 21.  There you’ll be formally co-opted.


What do I need to know about this role?

  • This is a voluntary, unpaid role.
  • Republic is committed to the abolition of the monarchy and our campaign is founded on a clear statement of principles.
  • To qualify as a director, you will need to be a paid-up member of Republic by the time of your appointment, which costs a minimum of £10 a year or £1 a month.
  • You will be a director of Republic Campaign Ltd and your details will be registered with Companies House.
  • The current directors will choose the successful candidates and vote to co-opt you onto the board.  Each year one third of the board then needs to stand for election. 
  • There is a six year term limit for all directors. 
  • There is an attendance requirement, whereby if a director misses three out of four consecutive meetings, they lose their position.
  • We provide some assistance with travel costs.
  • Republic is fully committed to equal opportunities and diversity.  
  • Republic’s meetings are held in a fully-accessible venue near a wheelchair accessible mainline and London underground station.
  • The role of director is open to anyone aged 18 and over.
  • You can find out more about how Republic is run at, including links to our constitution and Articles of Association.


For full details see