Volunteering Services Co-ordinator

Salford, Greater Manchester
FTE £20,888 (£12,533 pro rata - 21 hours)
13 Mar 2017
03 Apr 2017
Part Time
Contract Type


The Volunteering Services Co-ordinator will practically promote the role and value of volunteering within Age UK Salford to help more local older people by increasing the opportunities to support and /or be supported by a range of formal or informal volunteers.

Promote social connectedness, building on opportunities to reduce loneliness and isolation, helping to create Age Friendly communities, in line with the developing aims of the Ambition for Ageing programme.

Develop and promote a volunteer recruitment/retention strategy and work with the Marketing Manager to promote and raise awareness of these opportunities across Age UK Salford.

Work alongside the Line Manager in the regular production, delivery and performance monitoring of service plans, in a format which is consistent with commissioning, contractual, financial, budgetary and other Age UK Salford reporting requirements.


  • Lead on the recruitment, induction, training, support and review of volunteers across Age UK Salford by processing volunteer applications in accordance with policy and procedure i.e. undertake and oversee volunteer related administrative tasks e.g. applications, reference requests and Disclosure and Debarring checks (DBS).
  • Support the Service Managers in developing new and existing volunteer roles and help to place and support volunteers within the organisation ensuring that the overall plan for increasing numbers of volunteers is met.
  • Enhance the positive impact of volunteering within Age UK Salford by ensuring that volunteers are valued. To promote, encourage and maintain the motivation of volunteers’ with whom you work with.
  • Develop links to support work with younger and older people building on Age UK Salford’s Intergenerational activities and aim to increase the diversity amongst volunteers, people they support and the organisation as a whole.
  • Take collective responsibility for ensuring that the overall plan for increasing numbers of volunteers, older people supported and groups engaged with, is met.
  • Keep up-to-date on any changes in legislation and good practice involving volunteers (e.g. changes in benefit entitlement, the Compact between the government and the voluntary sector etc) and voluntary organisations (e.g. CVS, Volunteer Salford, Age UK in the North West).
  • Maintain an awareness of health and social policy, at a national and local level by using Age UK and other resources to promote values and practical solutions which are based on current research and evidence.
  • Promote volunteering and the organisation proactively, effectively and innovatively through targeted presentations, exhibitions and publicity materials and by organising celebration events and other means of highlighting and recognising the value of volunteers and sharing these appropriately using social media.
  • Assist the line manager by further developing and maintaining the database of community resources and local assets, alongside the local database of volunteers to create a network of positive contacts that can be encouraged and supported to spread key messages, campaigns and practical help for older people.
  • Support older people to help themselves and each other, enabling older people’s voices to be influential and to evaluate and report on the impact of each approach.
  • Lead on the training of volunteers to provide support to older people who may be isolated or who have experienced a change in their life such as bereavement, a fall or who may need support to effectively manage a long term health condition.
  • Lead on the training of volunteers to empower older people in the community, by encouraging and supporting guided self help, carer, neighbourly and community support enhanced by a range of volunteering opportunities.
  • Build relationships with community and social groups and local networks which are of value to older people, and making these and other services widely known to others.
  • Lead on developing and maintaining close working relationships with partners and potential referrers across the city, including G.P’s, health and social work professionals, and other voluntary sector agencies to ensure that requests for assistance are well managed; people are made aware of the range of options open to help people identify their goals.
  • Actively identify and connect with community groups and local assets which are of value to older people and ensure these are made widely available including the use of Age UK Salford website and other means.
  • Collect and collate data and compile reports required by Age UK Salford and on behalf of Line Manager on the activities and outcomes of specific services and projects and to support the preparation of funding applications for extending and sustaining volunteering opportunities.