Supporter Development Manager – Home for Life

£31,611 - £33,428 (depending on experience)
10 Mar 2017
26 Mar 2017
Full Time
Contract Type

Purpose of the job

Responsibility for the day to day management of the promotion and growth of the Home for Life service, which is currently the Society’s main legacy recruitment product. Support the overall objectives of the Legacy Marketing team through registrants pledging a legacy and therefore the growth of future legacy income, by strengthening relationships with existing supporters and encouraging relationships with new supporters using strong marketing programmes and activities.


To strengthen the targeting opportunities for the promotion and growth of the Home for Life service across all channels, including DRTV, online, inserts, mail and press, in order to increase prospective legacy income. Encourage conversion of enquirers to register and pledge a legacy gift by implementing planned supporter journeys and on-going management of all aspects of the journeys.

  • Circa 6,000 Home for Life registrants
  • Circa 34,000 legacy pledgers
  • Circa 22,000 legacy enquirers and intenders
  • Legacy income in excess of £70 million per annum
  • Legacy notifications circa 2,700 per annum

Principal Accountabilities

Cultivation & Stewardship Management

Design, develop and execute compelling audience responsive marketing campaigns that drive Home for Life enquiries and conversions to registration and legacy pledge, in order to grow legacy pledger volume and potential value.

Develop and maintain relationships with Home for Life prospects, enquirers and registrants who are sympathetic to the aims of the RSPCA, by managing a tailored programme of communication activities, as defined by the recently developed supporter journeys, to engage them in the work of the RSPCA and encourage support that will secure long-term legacy gifts. This may include attendance at supporter events.

Maintain knowledge of the external market place, best practice and new initiatives and make recommendations for new and revised activities as appropriate.

Budget Management

  • Monitor and review the allocated expenditure budget for the Home for Life product area, tracking campaign costs against budget and where appropriate take corrective steps which may involve reallocating budget.
  • Obtain competitive quotes and approve invoices for marketing materials and campaigns to an agreed limit.
  • Prepare regular reports on all activity and against agreed key performance indicators.

Campaign and Agency Management

  • Manage and coordinate all Home for Life legacy marketing campaigns.
  • Brief agencies/suppliers to produce and run Home for Life marketing campaigns, literature and content and manage them to delivery according to agreement.
  • Provide support to other Supporter Development Managers in their campaigns on an ad hoc basis.
  • Devise and implement new initiatives to promote the service as part of the new product development workstream.
  • Ensure the fundraising campaign processes are followed, including management of the approvals process.
  • Monitor and measure the marketing effectiveness of the activities delivered. Reporting on an agreed frequency and taking proactive improvement or remedial action as required.


  • Enter information for new and existing Home for Life records on the database, to ensure all contacts are correctly flagged for the cultivation and stewardship programme.
  • Manage and record all correspondence directly relating to the Home for Life service and ensure it is appropriately tailored and processed promptly. There are currently 6,000 Home for Life registrants and 14,000 Home for Life enquirers.
  • Oversee and manage the transfer of data and/or confidential supporter information between external agencies and RSPCA to ensure correct procedures are followed in order to mitigate risk.
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1988 and be aware of the Society’s Data Protection policies and procedures including information security.


  • Manage and supervise the handling of Home for Life queries and enquiries, ensuring all non-standard queries are responded to appropriately and promptly.
  • Manage and supervise the fulfilment of responses for all Home for Life marketing campaigns and organic requests. Ensuring any errors are identified and rectified.
  • Update results reports on a regular basis, to inform Manager and Head of Department of performance, and to monitor accuracy of agency reporting.
  • Provide a monthly update on all Home for Life activity and results against budget to feed into the monthly fundraising report.

While at work all staff are required to:

Take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts and omissions.

Co-operate with Society policies and procedures for health and safety

Knowledge, skill and experience

Please refer to the attached person specification (Appendix A).


Please refer to departmental chart (Appendix B)

Job Context

The Supporter Development Manager - Home for Life role is focused on the promotion, fulfilment, cultivation and stewardship programme for the Home for Life service. The role is crucial to ensure the best ROI from the promotion and operation of the service by maximising conversion to legacy pledge and managing efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

The role reports to the Legacy Marketing Manager, but has a high level of autonomy and responsibility for the implementation of marketing campaigns and associated budget.

The role works closely with the other Supporter Development Managers for strong and effective supporter journeys and campaign efficiencies, and to support on their campaigns as and when required.

All work should always follow existing RSPCA guidelines in terms of fundraising practice, as well as external regulatory boundaries (ASA, IOF, DMA).

Additional information

The post holder must be able to travel throughout the UK as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the role and a willingness to stay away from home on occasions.