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The British Science Association's (BSA) vision is a future where science is more relevant, representative and connected to society.

Science is more than a body of research, people working in a lab or even the wider industry that surrounds that.

It’s also a way of asking questions, making decisions, and understanding the world. Science is a tool that everyone in the UK could and should be able to use. For us to grow as a society, it’s essential that we all do.

Our vision and mission

The science sector has many structural and system-wide barriers that it’s time to remove. We’re working with business leaders, policy makers, scientists, community leaders, teachers, and many others to say goodbye to the old stereotypes of who a scientist ‘should be’. With their help, we’re bringing more voices into the conversation, to help more people see science (in all its forms) as a relevant part of their lives.

The UK is bursting with potential and we’re helping to unlock it.

We’re striving for a future where everyone is represented and has their voice heard on the issues that matter to them. So, science goes beyond being a lesson at school and becomes a way of thinking and making decisions – about looking after our health, protecting the planet and choosing and using new technology.

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