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"We transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the right support to succeed."

Watch our young people film "The Hidden Opportunity" here

About Us

We have a unique approach to working with our charities.

We provide them with long term, unrestricted core funding, the expertise of our dedicated investment team and access to our world class pro-bono network.

By making these charities stronger, better and bigger we contribute to reducing the gaps between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their better off peers in school attainment, access to university and finding and keeping a job.

We combine the lessons from our charities with our own research and share this learning to influence government policy and resources so that all young people can get the support they need.

The challenges we look to tackle

"Over 2 million young people live in poverty in Britain today - twice as likely to be out of a job or study after school"

"40% less likely to get good GCSEs with 40% less likely to go to university"

We provide a helping hand to charities with an education approach to teaching our younger generation the right ways to receive good grades and get one step closer to their aspirations in both school and university.

As they approach adulthood we provide programmes to help and aid in sustained employment as well as ways to tackle youth offending.

Exciting opportunities with Impetus

We believe every young person can succeed, whatever their background. If you agree with us, and you're committed, thoughtful, and brilliant at building deep relationships  then we’d love to hear from you.

Our testimonials


In our Philanthropy team, we’re passionate about building strong relationships with our donors to ensure that young people get all the opportunities that they deserve, regardless of their background.” - Hannah Lear - Philanthropy Manager

“I love going to our volunteering sessions with donors and young people. One of my favourite memories was an afternoon in a city office with a group of young people and volunteers – at the beginning everyone was nervous and quiet. But by the end of the session, we were all hugging each other good-bye. It’s those moments, where our two worlds collide, when I really see the power of Impetus’ work.” - Harriet Gugenheim - Director Of Philanthropy & Partnerships

I wanted to be part of Impetus’ mission because I care deeply about the third sector and the impact we can achieve. It’s possible to dramatically change lives by bringing the rights skills, experience, and passion together. Young people, our partner charities, donors and Impetus do just that and its magic to be a part of. - Bea Theakston - Investment Director

“Too many of my friends from school didn’t get the opportunities I did, but the charities Impetus works with are putting that right. I love to hear the inspirational before and after stories from the young people those charities work with. Transformational change is possible.” - Ben Gadsby - Head Of Policy & Research



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