Trustee role in the spotlight: St Luke’s Hospice

Published: 12 Jun 2017 By Jennifer Jackson

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Want to make a real difference locally? St Luke’s Hospice is looking for new trustees

St Luke's Hospice looks after people in Harrow and Brent whose illnesses are no longer curable. It has ambitious plans to extend its services to even more people and is currently looking for new trustees with fundraising, marketing, commercial and corporate law experience, to help shape the way the charity is run.
Rajesh Bhatia, trustee and vice chair of the trustee board at St Luke’s Hospice, tells us about the role of a trustee, the career development benefits and top tips for your job application.

Rajesh Bhatia
Rajesh Bhatia, trustee and vice chair of the trustee board at St Luke’s Hospice


Tell me about the trustee role you're recruiting for

We are recruiting for trustees with expertise in fundraising, marketing, commercial and corporate law.

What does a trustee typically do? 

Trustees are the people who lead St Luke’s and decide how it is run. The decisions made by the trustees have an impact on people’s lives. The trustees attend board meetings, serve on committees, attend events, represent the community and use their skills and experience to support the work done by St Luke’s Hospice. 

Why would someone want to become a trustee?

There are several good reasons for being a trustee. Typically, the potential trustees want to make a contribution to St Luke’s and the community it serves. Secondly, the new trustees have the specific skills and expertise which would allow St Luke’s to deliver on its charitable aims.

What makes a great trustee?

A willingness to get involved, integrity, expertise, a willingness to listen, an ability to challenge and to take the tough decisions.

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What career benefits does the role offer?

Trustees often learn new skills during their time on the board. You will develop transferable skills, improve your CV and broaden your experience. You meet interesting new people and it could open doors to all sorts of other networks and opportunities. Finally, you have the chance to shape, support and contribute your ideas and knowledge to the hospice.

What tips would you offer applicants?

Please come and visit St Luke’s. Be bold, showcase your skills and experience, and give us a picture of how your skills would benefit St Luke’s Hospice. Be yourself.

Sum up what it's like to work for St Luke’s

The hospice is a unique place. It is an oasis of peace. We have great staff and volunteers. For me working, for St Luke’s is a labour of love.

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