Third Sector Swappers

Published: 03 Apr 2013 By Third Sector Jobs

There are some charities out there who have managed to use the recession to their advantage and encourage staff from the private and public sectors to cross over. Here is a short article to provide some more insight as to what it is like to cross over to the voluntary sector.

The pressures of working in the private and public sectors can be a lot different with a faster pace. The aims of private and public organisations have the same overall goal as the voluntary sector, which is survival.

Politics and bureaucracy in private businesses can be enough to cause someone to move to a voluntary organisation, it doesn’t suit everyone. There is also the job satisfaction of helping others and creating a better environment for which you live in can be extremely rewarding.

Some people come across to charity projects which really relate to their hobbies and interests and this can be the turning point for them. Projects that people can relate to can be more appealing than the corporate world, it all boils down to job satisfaction. There are opportunities to gain some brilliant training by working in the private and public sectors which for some people is a great place to start before changing sectors.

People who work for a charity are very passionate about what they do and the charities cause so they sometimes take a salary drop to work there. This raises a tough question; do you want a career that is more meaningful and satisfying or more money? Some people value job satisfaction and a better work life balance compared to a higher salary, this is why the change is not for everyone. With the added stresses of modern day fast pace business the question about what you want out of life is very important.

No job is permanent so try working for a charity, lots of people never look back and being able to help an organisation rather than just make money for an individual is very rewarding.

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