Recruitment Masterclass: Create a game-changing hiring process

Published: 08 Feb 2018 By Charlotte Scarfe

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HR professionals and hiring managers are exclusively invited to join this Fundraising Week event to learn about and discuss innovating the recruitment process within the fundraising sector.


On the afternoon of Monday 21st May 2018, as part of Fundraising Week 2018, Third Sector Jobs is hosting a Recruitment Masterclass in association with People Management Jobs. The aim of the central London-based session is to inspire you to reinvent your hiring process and put your charity ahead of the curve.

A recent survey found that 90 per cent of active third sector jobseekers would take an employer’s brand into consideration when applying for jobs. 88% said they would re-apply to a company they have previously applied for, if they provided a good experience, whereas 73% would turn down a job based on a bad interview experience.

If you want to attract and retain the right fundraising talent, you need to tell your story – shout about the great team you have and why your charity is a wonderful place to work. You need to ensure your hiring process is smooth and seamless, and also offers a positive experience from beginning to end, as well as throughout employees’ careers with you.

Faye Marshall, director of permanent recruitment and deputy CEO at Harris Hill states “A good charity employer should be able to give candidates a clear understanding of their strategy, what they’re trying to achieve and how employees contribute to that within their role.” and we want to help you achieve this.

We have some great speakers for this event:

  • Andrew Hyland, Recruitment and Resourcing Manager at MacmillanAndrew Hyland, Macmillan + caption Cancer Support, presenting
    'Immersive candidate experiences: onboarding people in a digital world', sharing the successful methods Macmillan has been putting into practice over the past couple of years and how you can apply these to your own company. Andrew can advise you on what jobseekers want to know about you and how you can promote your company as a wonderful workplace.   
  • We also have a speaker from market leading job board specialist, Madgex. Madgex works with the world’s leading media brands and organisations to help unlock their audience value. Powering the job boards of over 500 brands, they provide the technology, experience and input that contributes to the success of their clients’ businesses. With the upcoming arrival of Google for Jobs into the market, Madgex will be able to talk you through what to expect from this new change and how we can optimise it as an opportunity.
  • Aled Morris, CEO, Harris Hill. Harris Hill has found that at a time when charities are competing for the best talent, factors such as the working environment, culture, values and benefits can really make a difference to which job offer the candidate accepts. Harris Hill can inform you of the latest recruitment trends and give you insights into data that can help transform your recruitment strategy.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to put your charity ahead of the game - buy your tickets today.


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