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Published: 12 Dec 2013 By Morgan Hunt recruitment

For many, the charity sector offers an unrivaled sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction not available in any other sector. Being able to help those in need and knowing that your work makes a real difference to less fortunate, disadvantaged or vulnerable members of society make for a truly rewarding career. This is why the competition for charity jobs - particularly in fundraising - is so high.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd to land that ideal fundraising role in the charity you are most passionate about?

Effectively managing your online profile and maximising the potential of your personal online brand should be the key to your career strategy.

Whether you are a digitally engaged social media enthusiast or a ‘no show’ on Google novice, the tips below should help you raise your profile and leverage your online brand presence to get on the radar of potential employers and recruiters.

Regular spot checks

Regular maintenance of your online profiles is vital. It’s important that you frequently monitor what is being posted about you. Stay on top of posting information to build up a positive presence.

Building your online brand

In a professional capacity, your LinkedIn profile is the one that needs immediate attention and is reviewed the most by recruiters and HR professionals alike.

•    Sell your skills, experience and competencies through your Experience, Skills & Expertise and Education information. Also be sure to highlight your specialties in your profile Summary.
•    Use the Summary and Interests sections of your profile to highlight and demonstrate your commitment to the charity sector and the causes you’re most passionate about. Include any voluntary charity work and fundraising activities with which you’ve been involved.
•    Maintain an up-to-date profile.
•    Ask previous employers, suppliers and/or peers you have worked with to recommend you.
•    Build out your professional network and leverage your connections – networking with peers and key industry influencers is important.
•    Follow key industry influencers and charities you want to work for and join relevant fundraising groups, such as the Third Sector and Institute of Fundraising groups.
•    Use your feed as a platform to communicate your specialist knowledge and industry expertise, as well as your passion for the charity sector.
•    Follow industry leaders and influencers, media and the top UK charities to retain industry insight and stay abreast of developments within the sector.
•    Re-tweet and comment on relevant articles and industry news to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of key fundraising issues.
•    Also re-tweet and tweet about timely fundraising campaigns and initiatives important to you to show your support for these causes and that you are actively engaged with these charities.
•    Maintain a good balance of professional and informal tweets to show your personality.
•    Decide if you want Facebook to play a part in your online career arsenal.
•    If you do, treat it in the same way you do your LinkedIn profile.
•    Publish details about your personal interests and profile-enhancing updates about your charitable activities and voluntary work.
•    ‘Like’ the charities you are most passionate about and engage with their Facebook updates and content through likes, comments and shares to demonstrate your support and dedication to the causes and charities.
•    Blogging in a professional capacity can help enhance your online personal brand.
•    If properly managed, it is a channel to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and passion for the sector to a targeted professional audience.
•    Tailor your content and tone of voice to your audience and ensure your personality and style come through in your posts to make your blog more engaging and relatable.
•    Keep the blog regularly updated and share the links to your blog posts via your social media profiles.
•    You should also sign up for email alerts or RSS feeds to industry leading and influential fundraising bloggers.
Consultative articles
•    Writing consultative articles can either work to complement and promote your blog or, if you don’t feel that you are able to commit to your own blog, this is a great way to raise your profile as a key player in the charity sector.
•    Use your specific expertise and knowledge to write articles that address key issues and offer solutions based on your own professional experience relating to your fundraising specialism.
•    Tailor your content to the audience you are targeting.
•    Send your articles to key industry publications and websites to try to get them published and share the article links via your social media profiles.
Engage in professional blogs and LinkedIn discussions
•    Engage with your professional network and fundraising peers to further raise your profile.
•    Like, share and comment on relevant blog posts and LinkedIn group discussions.
•    Include links to your online profiles, personal website and/or blog in your email signature.
•    This will maximise your exposure during job applications to potential employers.
Managing and monitoring your personal online brand should be part and parcel of your career plans and development.

This article was written by Morgan Hunt recruitment

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