Know Your Market to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

Published: 29 Sep 2014

Third Sector Jobs’ Guide to Fundraising Recruitment is now out!

We know that the key to success for not-for-profit organisations is the quality of their personnel, so we’ve reviewed and compiled our data trends over the past year to create a report that shows an insight into the fundraising recruitment market. 

By sharing our findings with you we hope to enable you to develop a more effective recruitment strategy to attract top talent. Below are a few highlights from the report  some of the topics covered in our report. 

To see the full, detailed copy of our report visit the link below and register to download your free copy.

1. Have a look at the most popular fundraising roles

View the most popular roles by sector,  vacancies available and application rates. What sectors are growing and what roles are the most popular job choices for candidates. 

2. Find out how salaries vary across the UK

Ensure that you are competitive with your salaries. Our salary analysis shows how salaries differ by role across the UK and what the most popular salary bands are.  

3. Have a look at your candidate demographic

Looking at Third Sector’s editorial audience we found that it  is largely made up of seasoned professionals with successful careers and that they are likely to be ideal candidates for more senior fundraising and leadership roles. After compiling the data from the some of the UK’s most popular charity job boards  we found that there are a number of different factors that come into play when trying to attract candidates for a job. Age, gender, candidate education level and candidate career level all affect application rates differently.

4. Assess your marketability 

Hints and tips on how you can build your employer brand, engage with the right candidates and attract top talent.

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