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Published: 17 Nov 2014 By Antje Derks

Orphans in Need was officially founded in 2011, but in truth the charity has been going since 2005. The founding trustee was in India doing relief work with the poor and was so moved by the plight of Delhi’s street children that he was motivated to take action. Until 2011, he raised funds from personal contacts, but knew that he wanted to make a difference to orphaned children worldwide.

The charity’s growth over the past few years has been exponential. They are currently looking to expand their teams in Bradford and London.  Antje Derks, Careers Content Editor at Third Sector Jobs sat down with Moshiur Rahman, Orphan in Need’s Governance and Compliance Manager, to discuss the roles and the qualities candidates need to have in order to succeed at the charity.

What is the main aim of the charity?
There are over 65 million orphans in Asia alone. Nearly 20% of Delhi’s population are slum dwellers.  Our projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East benefit orphans and orphanages, and help communities lift themselves out of poverty. We ensure that our long term development work is sustainable so that recipients of aid break free from the cycle of poverty which blights the lives of successive generations.

Orphans in Need play a leading and effective role in the global battle against poverty, starvation, illiteracy and exploitation. We want every orphan that we work with to be fed and clothed, and to have the same educational opportunities as children in more fortunate circumstances. We provide full healthcare to children supported by our work.

Our aim is to provide orphans around the world with holistic, quality care. We treat all the children as if they are ‘our children’. Our sole focus is to create an organisation that improves the lives and chances of orphans. We know that children thrive in a loving environment, where they are nourished and educated. It allows them to gain the skills and confidence to really have a stab at making a decent life for themselves.

How are you going about saving these children?
At Orphans in Need, we believe that our children should have the best start in life. We want to help them become model citizens with access to the same resources and life opportunities as their peers. Our mission is to set up a network of orphanages with a strong sense of love and support. However, simply building orphanages is not enough. Once orphanages are established, we supply financial aid, equipment, staff training, educational materials, medicines, clothing and toys. But it extends beyond the material; we go the extra mile to ensure each child gets personal attention.


One of the Orphans in Need orphanages

Orphans in Need are not here to provide a short-term solution. We only focus on a few projects in a few countries to ensure that we deliver the best solutions so that our children are well equipped to lead fulfilling lives right through to adulthood. In line with local culture and education standards, they are taught basic skills such as cooking, arts, crafts, raising crops and keeping livestock. By ensuring that our orphanages are established at places with easy access to colleges and universities, we hope that many will go on to train to become doctors, lawyers, teachers or civil servants.

Young orphan with ambition

Tell me about the roles available in your Bradford office and what your ideal candidates look like
We have three roles available in Bradford currently. We are looking to recruit an exceptional Web and Digital Marketing Officer, a Donor Relations Manager and a Marketing and Communications Manager.
Our ideal candidates need to be passionate about our cause – it is at the heart of everything that we do. They must want to make a difference to the most disadvantaged children’s lives.  Because we are looking to double fundraising and meet our strategic goals in the right way, our ideal applicants need to possess drive and initiative as well as being leaders.

Our Bradford office currently staffs nine people, but ultimately this will increase to around fourteen. We are in a new office space in an exciting new building right in the centre of Bradford. The site has ample parking. The office is very dynamic and there is a real family atmosphere. People don’t see themselves as employees – they see themselves as part of the charity. We are all very professional and passionate – with everyone working towards the same goals.

Tell me about the roles available in London and the culture in your office there
In London we are seeking a Fundraising Officer and a Corporate and Major Gifts Fundraiser. As with all our jobs, it is a passion for the cause as well as exceptional skills in the relevant areas that makes for a stand-out candidate.
Our London office is currently staffed by seven full-time employees, with anywhere between ten and fifteen volunteers. We are based at Aldgate East. We are a very young organisation – generally between the ages of 20-35 years old. Our CEO is the youngest in the Third Sector. He runs an ‘open door’ policy, which means we all work very dynamically. With all our positions, there will be some scope for overseas travel and we do require flexibility from our staff. Depending on the position, successful candidates may be required to work some evenings or weekends.

If you think you are the ideal candidate to help raise the standard of living of orphans worldwide, then take a look at the job descriptions and apply.

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