Job Hunting Best Practices

Published: 24 Apr 2013 By 116134361384315651675

Understanding where and how to search for a new job can be tricky for people who are on the first rung of their career ladder and don’t have very much experience doing this. The most common ways to find a job mostly involved using the internet. Here are a couple of pointers to help you figure the best place to start.

Talk to People You Know

Networking is one of the best ways to find out about job vacancies and then also applying for them as you already have a personal connection made. Talk to people you know from work, university, friends and family and see if they can help you. By talking to as many people as you can your chances of finding a job vacancy will increase as the people you talk to might know someone who could open a door for you. When you ask be specific, don’t just say I need a job as this will not get you very far.

Patience is essential, it is important to follow up on your question but don’t pester people too much. This way you are more likely to get the most out of the people you know and they will respond positively to your politeness and gratitude.

Job Board Websites

Thanks to the internet and the many job sites hosted; there are hundreds of jobs posted every day online so it is important to know how to search through these. Job boards offer many different search criteria’s for selecting a job including location, sector, salary, direct employer or recruitment agency, distance from location etc. The best way to start this search is to enter a keyword for the type of job you are looking for and then narrow you search using the various criteria available.

Most job sites offer a daily or weekly email whereby they will send you email job alerts when they become available on the site based on your search criteria.

Job Fairs

Also known as careers fairs, these are a great way to learn about what is currently available and you can use it as a chance to network and get to know people within the industry. Job fairs vary in size and sometimes in sector so it is worth seeking the ones tailored to the type of career you are looking for.

Treat a job fair like an interview, remember to dress smart, be polite and prepare yourself for answering questions and have some questions ready to ask employers. If you have a company in mind that you would like to work for, do some research before. Also research the companies you don’t know as you might find there are some who are suitable for you. By showing knowledge of a company you will really impress the hiring manager and it will create more things to talk about. Arm yourself with copies of your CV so you are ready to hand them out to a potential employer.

Try to use as many methods as possible as this will generate the most responses, it’s all about putting yourself out there so people begin to hear your name and recognise you. 

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