Help secure children’s educational rights as a legal team manager for IPSEA

Published: 08 Nov 2016 By Jennifer Jackson

We spoke to Julie Moktadir, CEO at IPSEA, to find out more about the roles they’re recruiting for and what it’s like to work there

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IPSEA (the Independent Parental Special Education Service) is a national charity which provides independent legally based information, advice and support to make sure that children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) get the right education. It provides a number of services including tribunal support, advice callbacks for parents, and training on SEN law.

The charity is currently looking for a legal team manager to oversee and manage its legal team. We spoke to the charity’s CEO, Julie Moktadir, to find out what the role involves and what it’s like to work for IPSEA.

Julie, tell us more about the roles you’re recruiting for and what they involve 

We are currently recruiting for a legal team manager to oversee and manage IPSEA’s legal team, which is renowned for its expertise in the SEND field. IPSEA has a large volunteer base who are trained by our legal team to deliver legally based advice to parents, and the legal team also delivers training, assists with tribunal work as well as case work and produces our free legal resources. 

As we are expanding our legal team, we are also recruiting for a senior SEN lawyer and legal team member. We also have a number of roles based in our office running our core services, including a fundraising manager position responsible for all aspects of our fundraising efforts from grant applications to sponsored activities.

What kind of people are you looking for? 

For our legal team manager we are preferably looking for someone qualified as a solicitor or barrister, who is also an experienced manager. Ideally someone with experience or knowledge of the law on SEN. We are especially keen to find someone with experience of team leadership and management of legal services and resources, with a knowledge of tribunal and judicial review.

Why would someone want to work for IPSEA? 

IPSEA is a hugely rewarding organisation to work for. Much of our motivation is from the feedback we receive from parents who have been able to secure their children’s educational rights with our support and don’t have to face the stress and uncertainty of going it alone. 

What exciting projects are you working on? 

We are currently launching a project to expand our legal support services to post-16s, as the law has now changed to include those up to 25 years as ‘young people’. We are looking to create new resources aimed specifically at them to help them gain the support they are now entitled to, and to train our advisors to be able to support young people directly. We are also aiming to expand our training provisions further to include other charities, local authorities, and schools/SENCOs. Both these projects will require significant input from our legal team and so now is an exciting time to be a part of IPSEA’s growing legal influence!

What opportunities for training and development are there? 

IPSEA as an organisation is committed to supporting and developing all its staff, ensuring that they continue to grow in both skill and experience for their role. We are happy to accommodate relevant training courses and the acquisition of professional qualifications that will improve both your own personal development and the standards of IPSEA.

What tips would you offer applicants? 

Complete the application form fully, and look at the job description and person specification. IPSEA has a high profile in the SEND arena and we hope applicants will have researched the charity.

Sum up what it’s like to work for IPSEA

IPSEA is a fast paced, dynamic organisation that is always adapting to the changes in the law and striving to provide better services for parents and young people who come to us for support. Many of our staff have previously used our services or have experience of the difficulties getting their children the education they are entitled to and as such we are a team dedicated to doing our best for everyone who uses our services. Above all we are a welcoming and rewarding charity to be a part of!

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