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Published: 09 Jan 2017 By Jennifer Jackson

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Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, endowed, charitable foundation and it’s the largest of the several dozen Cadbury family foundations. Building on its Quaker roots, it seeks long term solutions by looking at root causes of inequality.

We spoke to Sara Llewellin, chief executive at Barrow Cadbury Trust to find out about the social investment infrastructure fund manager role they’re recruiting for and an insight into what it’s like to work for the organisation.


Sara Llewellin

Sara Llewellin, chief executive at Barrow Cadbury Trust  


Tell us more about Barrow Cadbury Trust

The problems we address at Barrow Cadbury Trust are complex so we often work in partnership and collaboration; with grant-holders, other trusts and foundations, and local and national government, to identify solutions. We focus on a small number of distinct policy areas and try to influence them by building an evidence base, advocating for change and ensuring the voices of people affected by social injustices are heard in the debate.


Why is the Trust interested in social investment?

Like many charitable trusts, the Barrow Cadbury Trust has traditionally used its endowment to invest in mainstream investments, albeit with an ethical filter, and has used the income generated to fund our programme of work. In 2010, the trustees decided to use part of the endowment to further the aims of the Trust through investments in charities and social enterprises, aiming to achieve both a social and a financial return with the funds.  
The primary purpose of our investments is to develop the market, so we tend to invest in novel products, more challenging issues, or to be an early investor in promising approaches. Since 2010, Barrow Cadbury Trust has allocated £3.8 million to 20 different social investments and is recognised as being one of the leading foundations engaged in social investment. Barrow Cadbury Trust currently holds 15 social investments totalling £2.4 million. Find out more about our current social investments.
We recognise, however, that social investment is not always the most suitable solution, but is one of a range of financing options. We work with other social investor networks to share learning and knowledge and grow the market. We also support research and policy work, for example helping to steer IVAR’s recent study on smaller charities and social investment.

Tell us about the Access Social Investment Infrastructure Fund

In December 2016, the Trust was selected to run the Access Infrastructure Fund. Access, the Foundation for Social Investment was set up by Big Society Capital, Cabinet Office and the Big Lottery Fund in 2014 to provide a mix of grants and loans to develop the social investment market.

Its purpose is to enable smaller and newer charities and social enterprises to succeed where the other investment products on the market are unaffordable or where some element of grant finance is needed to enable growth and success. Access has several funds, details of which can be found on its website.
As a social justice foundation with an interest in social investment, Barrow Cadbury Trust has long had concerns that the investment products on offer do not always serve large sections of the social sector. Blended finance and better shared tools should have a transformative effect on new entrants and existing investees alike. We were therefore delighted to be selected as Access’ delivery partner.

What role are you currently recruiting for and what does it involve?

We are seeking the key postholder to deliver the funding programme across England – a social investment infrastructure fund manager (SIIFM). The SIIFM will be responsible for developing and managing the new programme, with the aim of strengthening and diversifying the social investment infrastructure sector, to include new entrants - especially beyond London.

What kind of people are you looking for?

The Trust is looking for a senior professional and experienced strategic manager who is used to an outward-facing promotional role. They will have a very good grasp of the social investment ‘landscape’ and familiarity with social sector infrastructure as well as having experience of managing budgets or funds alongside excellent investment and/or grant assessment and management skills.

Key to our vision is the development of a collaborative community of infrastructure organisations working within a social justice framework, so excellent interpersonal and development skills will be needed, alongside a personal commitment to the promotion of social justice and equality.

Why would someone want to work for Barrow Cadbury Trust?

This is an exciting time for social investment, as the sector grows and matures. We, the Access Foundation and the wider sector see the Infrastructure Investment Fund as being a critical factor in broadening access to this form of funding.

At the same time, all those working in the social sector face a challenging time, with the context in which we work in going through a state of considerable flux. This requires clear thinking and direction to get the most out of the funding we have available.

The Trust is recognised for its thoughtful approach, its partnership working and the quality of what it does. Joining the Trust brings both responsibility and opportunity, particularly as we develop and deliver this new programme of work.

Sum up what it’s like to work for Barrow Cadbury Trust

We are a close-knit and highly motivated team, bringing a diversity of skills and experience to our social justice work. Joining the Trust means that you will be joining an organisation which has a depth of expertise, a breadth of connection, a supportive and reflective learning ethos, a skilled and experienced governing body, senior management team and wider staff group.

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