A Look into Fundraising Week

Published: 19 Mar 2015 By Nyasha Hernandez

Fundraising Week is soon approaching. Recruitment Expert, Steven Forsdick gives Nyasha Hernandez, Apprentice Careers Content Creator, an exclusive look at April’s upcoming events.

Running from the 13th to the 17th of April, Fundraising Week is, in short, a series of workshops, briefs and networking sessions, focusing on distributing knowledge and shared experiences. 

Live Debate

The week kicks off with a live debate surrounding the issues facing fundraising in politics and the relationship fundraising has with the public. The esteemed panel includes:

  • Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts - who is currently reviewing the Lobbying Act (read more about it here)
  •  Joe Saxton, founder of sector consultancy and research organisation nfpSynergy and former chair of the Institute of Fundraising
  • Cathy Pharoah, Visiting Professor of Charity Funding and co-Director of the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy Research at Cass Business School
  • Lawrie Simanowitz , a partner at the law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite and a board member of the Fundraising Standards Board. 

A further two panel members will be announced shortly, so keep an eye out on Twitter for updates or book now to be a part of the 50 strong audience that will be a part of the debate.

Leaders in Fundraising

Leaders in Fundraising is the week's main, learning-based event. Created to provide leaders in the charity sector with an opportunity to network and share best practices, it’s a way for those in the not-for-profit sector to "come away with new insights and expertise", says Forsdick. Like an open forum discussion, Leaders in Fundraising will be a chance for those in the charity sector to "not have to worry about what's going on at their desks", focusing instead on enhancing their skills and expertise.

Big Donor Summit

The following day’s Big Donor Summit is geared to help those in senior level positions learn how to engage with large donors better and more frequently. “Chief executives from big and small charities will benefit from this experience”, more so after hearing the prolific advice that ex-dragon Richard Farleigh will be offering up to those attending. He'll be shedding some light onto his fund- specifically available for charities who can pitch for it - as well as discussing the intricacies of his idea and how he came to create it in the first place.  

The pay-to-attend event is over "three-quarters full and thus, proving quite popular".  


Book now if you want to come along


Attendees will hear from well -known corporate speakers, as well as a hoard of experienced charity sector Head’s of Fundraising, CEO’s, Managers and Directors, who will be making an appearance at the Summit. "This really is a high-level event", says Forsdick, Dr Frederick Mulder, CBE, Art Dealer, Founder and Chair of Frederick Mulder Foundation will be there to talk about the benefits of the arts helping the charity sector, discussing the pros of investing in the artwork to increase revenues. 

Networking Events

An evening of networking events will follow, tailored towards different levels of fundraisers. It’s free to those attending fundraising week and for Third Sector subscribers to join, an event aimed at creating a relaxed yet inspired opportunity to rub elbows with other fundraisers - the promise of a glass of wine, possibly two, an added bonus.

Digital Edge

Thursday’s event, Digital Edge will be looking at the modernity of fundraising and how 'going digital' has affected the not-for-profit sector, hearing from the digital and social media experts behind successful campaigns such as Movember and Comic Relief.

Careers Briefing

And finally, the Careers Briefing - split into two halves - one for candidates in the morning and another for recruiters in the afternoon.

"This will be an opportunity for those who are interested in getting ahead in fundraising, to be briefed on the best ways of approaching a job application, the best ways of doing more to get a promotion in their current job"

Steven Forsdick

There will be an emphasis on looking at the transition from the corporate sector into the charity sector, hearing from someone in  the corporate world who has done so themselves - it apparently being "not too uncomfortable" with similar salaries, slightly better benefits and there being a "bit more flexibility in the corporate world" Forsdick adds.

A recruitment consultant will also be at the Briefing, conducting CV clinics, "it really is a huge opportunity for candidates just to learn how they can get ahead in their careers, and to understand what charities want from their Fundraisers".

The afternoon’s session will be designated to help HR professionals within the charity sector find out how to attract the best candidates, using Third Sector Jobs. So that recruiters are equipped to know “the best ways to interact with all the candidates we have through all different channels that Third Sector Jobs has.”

Hootsuite will be coming along to the session to show recruiters how to aptly engage candidates on social media, how the importance and strength of social media can not just attract candidates but also build charity brands as well as employer brands.

“We'll be looking at the #IceBucketChallenge and how that grew exponentially using social media. The tens of million of pounds raised with that wouldn't have been raised without social media”. The purpose being to translate large campaign ideas like this into ways to attract top candidates.

A Professional Recruitment agency that specialises in advertising will be there to talk about the campaigns that they run for their charity clients. Shedding insight onto what attracts candidates to work for you, what works best?

"We're not giving that hard-sell, these are all pieces of advice that we are offering," says Forsdick, "It's going to be a good and informative week".


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