7 top tips to prevent career stagnation

Published: 14 Apr 2014 By Grace Owen

1. Learn a skill – find a course at your local college that intrigues you, the more diverse the better because it will make you and your CV stand out from the rest of the competition.

2. Feel the fear – do one thing, this month, that you’ve been putting off on your personal development list , mentally revisiting the pros and cons is a stalling tactic, just step out of your comfort zone.

3. Multiply your connections – go to a professional event, outside of your industry and initiate conversations with 3 people. The next day friend them on Facebook, invite them on Linkedin or follow them on Twitter

4. Be motivated – listen to your favourite song every morning while you get ready for work…it has to be something that gets you singing and dancing!

5. Seek out opportunities – have lunch with a colleague from a different department and find out what is going on in their part of the organisation. Ask them to keep you informed of projects, jobs or initiatives that come up.

6. Become a leader – read your local paper about community projects looking for volunteers. Contact the organisation mentioned, introduce yourself and tell them what you can do and why they need you!

7. Rework your plan – when a career goes stagnant, it is usually because we’ve achieved our goals. Spend an afternoon in the park dreaming about the next stage of your career and write a list of goals for the next 3 years.

About the author
Grace Owen develops leaders for greater impact and specialises in career transition. Her book The Career Itch – 4 Steps for Taking Control of What You Do Next, £9.99 is available from Amazon and leading retailers. www.grace-owen.com

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