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Published: 24 Jan 2018 By The Nazareth Trust

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Find out what it’s like to work for The Nazareth Trust and get insider insight into the fundraising director role it’s recruiting for.


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The Nazareth Trust is a long-standing, large and innovative charity working in a place of significant conflict to promote peace, and to reach out to all, regardless of belief. The Trust has just relocated its UK office back to Edinburgh and is recruiting for a fundraising director to lead its global mission - a meaningful and challenging role for the right person. 

We spoke to Jessica Massey at The Nazareth Trust for insider insight into their director of fundraising role and why it’s a unique charity to work for.

Tell me about The Nazareth Trust: what makes it a unique place to work?

Based in the hometown of Jesus since 1861, The Nazareth Trust is one of the most established and prominent Christian organisations in Israel. Every year we engage with over 250,000 people - patients and their families, students, international volunteers, pilgrims and tourists, as well as our valued staff.

The Nazareth Trust is unique in its position in the Middle East, aiming to reach out to the local population and to the wider world, irrespective of faith, political persuasion or tradition, through healthcare, through education, through proclamation and through service.

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What exciting projects are you working on?

As we’ve just relocated our UK office back to Edinburgh, we have a range of exciting homecoming events  underway to re-establish ourselves, and to develop our supporter base. We’re also in the midst of finalising unique projects like the Nazareth Challenge, which affords the opportunity for our supporters to visit the Holy Land and grow in faith and Christian fellowship, all while supporting the vision and mission of The Nazareth Trust.

What role are you currently recruiting for and what kind of person would it suit?

We are currently recruiting for a director of fundraising - a dynamic Christian leader, who can encourage innovation and excellence in all areas of work. In many aspects, raising substantial world-wide support is no easy task. This said, we require a charismatic spokesperson who has the capacity to face challenges head-on, and a wealth of experience in senior business development.

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What challenges are the successful candidates likely to face in these roles?

We are a Christian charity run between both Israel and Scotland, and our employees come from a diverse range of denominations and cultures. As such, there can be cross-cultural differences that may take time for one to understand and adjust to in their working life - particularly as this role requires both international and UK travel.

Why would someone want to work at The Nazareth Trust?

As a charity, we have huge potential in our work for the future. In 1861, we started as a four bed dispensary serving as one of the only medical access points for much of Northern Palestine.

Today, The Nazareth Trust moves from strength to strength, committed not only to excellent medical facilities, but also to the reach within the global Christian family that our hospital, school of nursing, village and volunteer programmes afford us. In particular, it’s this reach that we’re committed to developing - so this opening affords exciting, international travel prospects to the right candidate, and the opportunity to lead a global mission.

What opportunities for career development does the charity offer?

As an international charity, The Nazareth Trust offers exciting prospects for career development. The right candidate will lead the team in the challenging, competitive market of fundraising, demonstrating strong developmental skills in an environment where multiple aspects of the role need to be furthered.

The Nazareth Trust is a long-standing, large and innovative charity working in a place of significant conflict to promote peace, and to reach out to all regardless of belief. The successful applicant will fill a meaningful role, and acquire crucial skills in working cross-culturally and across a broad range of fundraising disciplines.

Sum up what it’s like to work at The Nazareth Trust

Being part of The Nazareth Trust offers an exciting opportunity to lead and support a new team with ambitious plans for growth, to demonstrate leadership skills, and to work sensitively and cross-culturally as part of an executive team, making a real difference in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus.

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(This job vacancy has now expired)

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