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About Trace Recruit

We are a new type of recruitment consultancy specialising in accountancy & finance and marketing, branding & insight.

We have built an enviable reputation of being able to uncover the best hard-to-find professional talent, working with some of the best known and well respected organisations in the Third Sector.

We offer the traditional range of contingent and retained solutions, with the additional level of rigour so often promised but rarely delivered by our competitors that ensure we live up to our promise – Tracing Talent that Fits.

As a new business we want to innovate a tired industry. We believe that it is our intuition regarding person and company “fit” that makes the difference. But how do you quantify “fit” – and how is it measured?

We believe in 3 layers of fit:

1. Has the candidate got the right qualifications and experience?
2. Are they any good at what they do?
3. Will they fit into the organisation?

Currently the third layer is typically based on an instinctive point of view by the recruiter you engage with. Trace is in process of launching the Predictive Fit Profiler. As part of our recruitment process every candidate we represent will complete the profiler bringing an extra level of science and rigour to our process, increasing the success rate of the recruitment we deliver.

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